Live Station

Live Station


(Minimum 100 Guests)
Prices starts from $4.00/pax ($4.28 w GST)

Compressed Watermelon with Mixed Seafood
Spicy Roast Duck, Crispy Basket, Spring Onion


Sous Vide Egg with Smoked Salmon, Crispy Fish Skin
& Ginger Shoyu


Crispy Stuffed Lychee with Crabmeat
(With chef – cooking on the spot)


Seafood Ragout, Saffron Potato Espuma, Chervil


Crabmeat in Chilli Egg Gravy Accompanied with Deep
Fried Mantou Lollipop in Mini Tumbler


Slow Baked Salmon Fillet with Lemon & Thyme

Stewed Black Eye Pea, Beurre Blanc


Roast Beef with Sauteed Potatoes & Red Wine Jus


Roast Leg of Lamb with Root Vegetables & Mint Sauce


Mee Siam Served with Spicy Thai Fish Cake, Egg,
Sambal & Chives

Nonya Laksa Served with Fish Cake, Egg, Bean Sprouts
& Laksa Leaves


Kueh Pie Tee


Shanghai La-Mien with Minced Chicken Sauce


Roasted Duck with Cucumber & Spring
Onions Wrapped in Crepe

Vanilla Bean Soufflés

(Done on the spot accompanied with chocolate sauce)


Caramelized Banana Crepe

(On filo pastry)


Chocolate Fountain

Accompaniments – fresh fruits, dried fruits, marshmallow


Ais Kachang

(Old fashioned ais kachang with creamed corn, red bean,
grass jelly, condensed milk & duo color syrup)


Kaya Pandan Panna Cotta with Azuki

Cheese Cake in Shooter & Raspberry

Chocolate Variation & Mint Jelly

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